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... James S.], Assimilation of grace Terrestrial Water Storage Observations into a Land Surface Model for the Assessment of Regional Flood Potential, RS(7), No. 11, 2015, pp. 14663. DOI Link 1512 BibRef

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... 00434168 - Late-Glacial and Holocene Environmental History of an Oxbow Wetland in the Polabí Lowland (River Elbe, Czech Republic); a Context-Dependent Interpretation of a Multi-Proxy Analysis (2014)

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... cross-spectral analysis documents that the periodicities detected in the coherency and phase spectra of 11 (Schwabe cycle) and 104 years (Gleissberg cycle) are related to a high frequency of flooding ...


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... Grambličková, Emília Bednárová, Marian Minárik Numerical analysis of the seepage conditions of right bank flood protection dyke of the river Danube in Bratislava – Petržalka, p. 11 - 14, gr., pct.

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... sites. Regional flood frequency analysis (RFFA) alleviates this problem by utilizing flood records pooled from other watersheds, which are similar to the watershed of the target site in flood ...


... Review of existing flow data, regional flood frequency curve flood estimation and related mean annual flood to catchment characteristics to enable prediction of flood peak at ungauged sites.

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... through the flood.Last year, reporter Doug Belden did some digging and found a Wall Street Journal analysis of football stadiums. cheap nfl nike jerseys He knows full well that tobacco use is the ...


changes in event frequency (Huntington, 2006), count in flood frequency analysis. have not been carried out over the 40 years period.

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... Miroslav Analysis of surface temperatures in urban and suburban landscapes from satellite thermal images: A case study of Olomouc and its environs, Czech Republic. Analýza povrchové teploty v městské ...


Pandey, G. R. and Nguyen, V. T. V. (1999): A comparative study of regression based methods in regional flood frequency analysis. Journal of Hydrology 225: 92–101.
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